Back When We Were Interesting Ep. 125 - The Series Finale
May 10th,2017

Welcome back to Back When We Were Interesting, the podcast where we share the stories that made you and us interesting. Shelley Rossell, Josh Hawkes, and Francis aka The Other Guy record one final time, talking, conveniently, about finales. From TV and movie finales to the finales in real life, they get to the bottom of the endings we hold dear. And this is an ending they hold dear and we thank you all for listening to this show, for continuing to download every week, and being a part of our podcasting lives. Alas, all good things, must come to an end, and we appreciate everyone who's listened over the years. Though this podcast may be over, worry not, as we will continue to podcast on other shows on the Points of Interest Podcast Network. So if you're in need of more Josh, Shelley, & Francis, look for us there. Be well. Until next time.

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